At ExpoBangla Logistics Limited, we accept our environmental responsibilities and recognize our obligation to reduce the impact of business activities on the environment.

Within our aim of making a “World of Difference” in the international freight and logistics management market, we will continue to invest in services and solutions to add value to our customers’ global supply chains. This goal will be enhanced by the improvement of the environmental performance throughout our network.

Unlike some other freight companies, ExpoBangla Logistics Limited will not deal with waste and scrap technology logistics (computers and devices). As part of our company ethos we don’t believe in shipping waste around the world to landfill or burning sites and prefer to only to work with recyclable materials and green commodities. As part of our waste management we ensure we recycle to the highest levels in our office environments. We also monitor our suppliers and shipping companies we work with to check their environmental policies on reducing carbon emissions and controlling waste.

At ExpoBangla we have been heavily involved in a national low carbon logistics initiative to switch container shipping from road to rail with great success.

Our Principles:

  • We will utilize and promote the use of clean, green and recycled materials whenever possible, and we will work with our employees, customers and suppliers to ensure that all waste is disposed of in line with legal and environmental requirements.
  • We do not ship waste and scrap technology logistics (computers and devices).
  • We will minimize consumption of natural resources, including energy, water and raw materials, as far as is economically practicable.
  • We will assess the environmental impact on all current and likely future operations, and fully integrate environmental considerations and objectives into our business decisions.
  • We will choose, and encourage our clients to use, low carbon logistics wherever possible.
  • We recognize the potential local impact of our activities.  We will therefore strive to minimise noise and visual intrusion and endeavor to take into account local community environmental concerns.


Our Goal:

Our goal is to conduct our business in a way that protects the environment.  Everyone who works for ExpoBangla has a responsibility to give their best efforts to achieve this goal.  We are committed to do this through our policy principles.

Consequently, ExpoBangla plans and conducts their operations, according to sound environmental principles.  They are to strive always to carry out work in the manner best calculated to minimize any adverse environmental effect, to prevent pollution of any kind, and are actively to seek ways of reducing environmental damage.

Where our operations, our conduct or our existence is subject to specific laws or regulations, our company will comply fully with all such applicable laws and regulations, and if possible will exceed the minimum requirements because this is good business practice.  Special attention will be paid to ensure compliance with international conventions and regulations which apply offshore.  In the absence of legislation our company will adhere to appropriate corporate standards.

Our Commitment:

  • Complying with the requirements of applicable environmental legislation and other requirements
  • Assessing the environmental effects of business operations and preventing pollution for the protection of the environment
  • Raising environmental awareness to our staff and encourage their participation and train them where required
  • Consideration and commitment to Life cycle stages of aspects that are under our control in line with sustainability.
  • Actively promoting recycling internally
  • Conserving natural resources through increased energy efficiency
  • Commit to continual improvement of the EMS to enhance environmental performance by setting objectives with targets and management programs, monitoring progress and reviewing performance annually
  • This policy will be communicated to all persons working for and on behalf of the company and is available to the public via our company website


ExpoBangla will conduct all of its activities in accordance with relevant legislation and government policy and agreements.